April 21, 2011

New Salwar Suite Designs - 2

New Salwar Suite Designs - 2

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Bringing you an awesome collection which is rich in colors, fabrics, embroideries and embellishments. Colors are perfect for upcoming summers. Fabrics drape exceptionally well. Embroideries and embellishments are too good to be true.
As you would realize fabrics are the highlight of this collection, the material – printed or solid has a beauty of it’s own. Further application of embroidery or patchworks just add to the beauty.Model is wearing an outfit designed for the photo-shoot; any additional trim seen here will not be a part of the dress material. If desired, it must be requested for separately and will be provided as per the availability. Dresses may have slight color variation.These are fabrics on display. Exclusive Designer Salwar Kameez as per your choice will be stitched.

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