April 22, 2011

Printed Salwar Suite

Printed Salwar Suite

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Indian salwar suit is one of the most successful evergreen dress of Indian sub-continent. Indian salwar suits are available in many types.
One of the famous types is Printed salwar kameez. Different type of printing is done at fabrics used in lady’s kameez and salwar like cotton, chiffon.Printed salwar kameez look very pretty. It is not necessary that both salwar and kameez are printed. Sometimes either of them is printed to give them look. For example geometrical printed design of circles and kites in perfect contrast colors are printed on the kurta, giving the illusion of planets in space. The salwar in matching color gives a unique look to the salwar suits.
The printed salwar suits look sexy with noodle straps and a stylish pleated pattern below the neckline, giving the illusion of blouse attached to the kurta. A crumpled mica printed suit looks gorgeous.
Tie and Dye print is in fashion trend, used by many Indian garments manufacturers. Utsav saree Gives you the latest and the largest online salwar kameez catalog from the Indian fashion including indian salwar suits, printed suits, printed salwar kameez, lady kameez salwar.
Block print, flowery print, paisely design print are some of the prints used in making lady salwar kameez. Printed Salwar kameez is available both in stitched and unstitched forms.

Stylish Printed Salwar Kameez:The evolution of the Stylish Printed Salwar Kameez has a long and colorful history which originated with the influence of Islamic reign on India. The intermingling of cultures created the trend of wearing loose pajamas and kurtas for men as well as women, the only difference being that women also added an odhni or dupatta to their outfit.
The salwar is a type of lower garment. It is pant like and usually loose fitting. Recently the Stylish Printed Salwar Kameez has taken a cue from Indo – western fashiona dn ahs come up with innovations in designs. In some cases, the trousers are tight and fitted, these are known as churidars. And, there is another kind of salwar too, known as the patiala, which has a billowing cut at the hips and is tight at the ankles.
The kameez in a Stylish Printed Salwar Kameez set is a long top or kurta worn over the salwar. It may be long, reaching up to the knees or may end at mid thigh length. The length of the kurta varies according to the choice of the wearer, even though patiala salwars are conventionally known to have short kurtas. The Indo-western influence can be seen in kameezes also. Modern kurtas have a variety of designs such as Chinese collars, jeweled necklines, halter style necklines and even strappy styles. The sleeves of a kameez range from short to full depending on individual choice. The design of some of these kameezes are such that sometimes one does not even need to carry a dupatta at all.

With block printing salwar kameez, the designers Printed design a pattern on a block of wood. This pattern is then stamped over the fabric using vegetables or any synthetic color. Some people also know it with the name of hand Printed Salwar Kameez as this methods stand just similar to Printed Salwar Kameez. These prints sometimes comprise of geometric prints such as triangles, squares or rectangles. Some use these shapes in a collage to develop gaudy Printed Salwar Kameez. Lehriya print is yet another popular that got originated in Rajasthan (India).

Abstract prints may sound wired but they are known as modern styles. These abstract Printed Salwar Kameez designs are used as an art done on Printed Salwar Kameez suit fabrics. This is done using computers which simplifies the process of affixing various color combinations. Flower print, kalamkari print, golden print, weaving print styles are in this season.

The Bandhej prints are quite popular among all types of prints which is done with tie and dye methods where a string is taken into use for sketching out Printed Salwar Kameez on the Printed Salwar Kameez suit fabrics. Whereas, when Printed Salwar Kameez comes to block Printed Salwar Kameez, the methods turn out to be completely different.

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