May 12, 2011

Legging Jeans 2

Legging Jeans 2

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Like it or not the skinny jean has made it on every fall fashion must-have list - again.This season the hybrid of leggings and denim are so sleek, and slim they are almost like a second skin.
The legging jean, or denim legging is typically a super lightweight stretch denim with small knee and leg openings. The stretch helps the jean hug each and every curve for a clean fit.
Some styles are more legging than jean and bypass a zipper closure altogether. The True Religion Supervixen is an example of a pull-on pant with denim detailing.
This is not however, a forgiving fashion trend, but worn right it can be dressed up or down, and worn with boots, flats, heels, and sneakers making it a versatile item and a closet staple.
This fall there are a number of key trends where the legging jean easily resides

A legging jeans is a tight-fitting piece of clothing, which best serves as an accessory to accentuate a casual outfit. It has become a better alternative to tights and pants. Apart from the regular black and brown, leggings jeans are now available in a variety of colors, textures and patterns. Purchase different kinds of leggings to complement a variety of styles. Use a little bit of imagination to create the chick look. If you are wondering how to wear leggings jeans appropriately, this article is the right for you. Check out the tips given in the following lines.

Bold colors are in. Teal, purples, and gemstone colors are in. if you can find leggings jeans in these colors pairing them with a simple top will give you a sheik look. Also one shoulder tops, and trench coats look great with a simple black legging.
Some other options that look great with leggings jeans are a longer button up shirt, or a dress. These can be worn with any color leggings jeans but be sure it matches the look. Longer boyfriend sweaters and even fringe is trendy right now. You can accent with fringe if you have a fringe covered purse.

Legging Jens are actually quite versatile, and I think they do a better job than skinny jeans or leggings would be. Because they are still in denim, you do not have to cover the buttocks, but they are so thin and shrink as boxer you can wear a long sweater or a t, dress, or just throw a cardigan over long . I love wearing leggings with a pair of heels squat, a long sweater and a scarf. Add a large tote for that, and you’re ready for the day. So if you go to the mall this week, be sure to pick up a pair of jegging: that’s all you need.!

This look is definitely for the girl who wants the fit of the skinny without the pomp and circumstance. This Boyfriend look is a casual, comfortable alternative that can still be teamed up with the denim legging. The boyfriend blazers, and long loose cardigans look great with this fit and help give the legging a more sophisticated feel. Check out these leggings fromCurrent and Elliot.

Everything that's old is new again...! This stirrup legging jean by Citizens, pairs well with booties and off the shoulder shirts so you can channel your inner Jennifer Beale and Flashdance your way through fall.

Grommets, zippers, chains, and pyramid studs can be found on everything from jackets, tees, purses, and legging jeans this season.
This legging by William Rast fits nicely with all the plaid dress shirts and faux hawks and shaved heads being sported by celebutants like Rihanna, Solange, and Cassie.

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